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  • Handwriting Support
    • Amazing Kidz Therapy utilizes the Handwriting Without Tears® approach, which includes first learning letter formation with a multi-sensory approach and then progressing to putting pencil to paper. We offer both individualized and group sessions to aide children in enhancing and improving their handwriting skills . MORE

  • Fine Motor Coordination and Strengthening
    • Fine motor refers to the use of the small muscles that are located within the fingers.  Fine motor skills are required to perform activities such as handwriting, eating, playing and manipulating smaller objects, self-care skills and skills required for success within academic settings.  MORE

  • Strengthening and Postural Control
    • Core strength is the foundation for an individual’s posture and support of their extremities.  When a child is experiencing weakness in their core they are unable to properly support their upper extremities during handwriting and fine motor tasks. MORE

  • Sensory Processing Integration
    • Everyone’s body processes the sensory input provided from the environment around us differently.  Sometimes a person’s body is not interpreting the information properly, confusing their body and making it difficult to interact properly within their environment and learn/master new skills.Through a variety of treatment approaches, Occupational Therapy can work towards helping the body properly interpret the input it is receiving and respond appropriately. MORE

  • Visual Motor/Perceptual Skills
    • Visual motor skills are often referred to as hand-eye coordination.  This is the body’s ability to take in and process the visual input it is provided from the environment and generate the appropriate movement. MORE

  • Self Care, Life and Social Skills
    • Activities of daily living references the daily tasks that one participates in to care for themselves: dressing, bathing, eating, grooming, etc.  As children grow and mature they require additional life skills to continue to flourish and expand their independence, such as money management, self-organization and orientation, kitchen tasks and vocational preparation.  Occupational Therapy can also assist children in skills required for social settings, such as self-regulation, proper problem identification, body language, eye-contact and problem solving social situations through simulation, strategy implementation and real-life implementation and trials.  MORE

Occupational Therapy Services

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